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Updated  March 12, 2018


3 bedroom, 2 bath with a garage on an oversized lot, near but not in St. John's, up to $340K (Mike)

Ground level entry bungalow with a garage and rear yard access. Under 340K (Mike)

2 apartment CBS with large yard, under 320K (Mike)

Bungalow 300-350, Churchill Park or East End near Stavanger Dr. Recently upgraded.  (Mike)

Downtown home with off street parking and little work required under $300K (Nevin)

Churchill Square or Mature East End in good condition up $350-$500k (Nevin)

St. Phillip's home 2700-3500 Sq Ft up to $425K (Nevin)

Newer but compact 2-3 Bedroom CBS Home up to $260K (Nevin)

Commercial Space (retail/warehouse) for Lease on busy Street - 10,000 to 15,000 Square Feet (Nevin)

4-5 Bedroom with 2-3 Bathroom home on Acre lot.  Torbay 1st Choice, or Witless Bay $450-$475K (Nevin)

Ocean View up to 30 Minutes outside City, Large Ranch Bungalow with workshop and garage up to $550K (John)

2-Apartment in Kenmount Terrace Under 10 years old (Stephanie)

House with attached garage under $300K, Kilbride to CBS (Stephanie)

4 Bedroom House from CBS to Conception Harbour - can be 3 up and 1 down.  Fully Developed.  Up to $280K (Stephanie)

East End 2-Apartment under $315K with Tenants who would like to stay. (Stephanie)

2-apartment home in CBS - the downstairs apartment ideally for a small business. Needs 3 bedrooms up! Up to 280k (Stephanie)

Small 3 bedroom bungalow with garage. Attached or detached in Paradise up to $350-$400K (Chris)

2-apartment up to $200K anywhere within 20 mins of the city.  1500-1900 sq ft and Fenced yard (Chris)
Single family in good condition up to $300K walking distance to Mun.  4 bedrooms, 3 parking.  (Chris)
Executive style home in Gonzaga or Holy Heart school catchment, up to $700,000 with attached garage and formal dining space. (Myles)
Portugal Cove or Torbay, large lot, detached garage or space to build with in law up to $400,000 (Myles)
Home with rear yard drive-in access in Kilbride/Goulds up to 350,000 with detached garage or space to build. (Myles)
Grade level bungalow with attached garage in Paradise up to $300,000 (Myles)
3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 250-325k East Extern or Paradise. (Justin)
3 or 4 bedroom 2 storey with privacy. Torbay, Flatrock, St Philips, Portugal Cove up to 425k (Justin)
4 bedroom split entry in paradise up to 350k. (Justin)
2-Apartment close to MUN up to 260k (Justin)
CBS, Southlands, DIamond Marsh  - Two Story with garage, up to $450, prefer finished basement, 2500 sq. ft (Andrew)
Multi Residential Investment Property in SJ up to $1M   (Andrew)
15,000 Sq ft of commercial office space with small warehouse component.  (Andrew)
Center City/Downtown - 250-300K, 3 beds , parking a bonus. (Andrew)
Something near Tim Horton’s on Thorburn Rd, $200K (Andrew)
Southern Shore/CBS up to $160,000, single family move in ready. (Andrew)
CBS, single family, up to $130,000 (Andrew)
SJ East, single family home, nice yard, recently renovated, $350-$400 (Andrew)
Paradise single family up to $265K (Andrew)

Single family home in Topsail/Chamberlains under $300K (Nevin) SOLD

Single family home near MUN with an in-law apartment up to $250k (Andrew)

Torbay or CBS single family home with some land and garage up to $365k (Andrew)

East End condo or single family close to ammenities around $300K (Andrew)

Close to downtown with nice lost and mature trees, 4 bedrooms, up to $475k (Andrew)

4 Bedroom single family under $410K, Paradise, CBS, Mount Pearl, Southlands (Mike) SOLD

2-apartment in Paradise under $350k, less than 10 years old (Mike) SOLD

Commercial Storefront 2,000 SqFt with living quarters in a high visible area up to $500K Downtown/Central (John)

Bungalow with Ocean View in CBS up to $450K (John)

Townhomes in St. John's, Mt. Pearl, Paradise from 150K-180K (Myles)

2-Apartment or Home w/ Inlaw Suite in Kenmount Terrace up to $375K (Myles)

2-Apartment Home in East End - Kenmount less than 20 years old up to $350K (Nevin)

West End/Kilbride Home with Garage or ability to add one, under $350K (Nevin) SOLD

Good condition home in downtown area, under $250k (Mike) SOLD

Executive downtown home, old feel but modern finish up to $700k (Mike) SOLD

Slab on grade bungalow (preferred) with garage and close to hospitals (east end) $450-$500k (John)

Funky, charming, historic, 3-5 bedroom downtown/elizabeth Ave area, up to $1,000,000  (John)

East end, $300-345K, single family with developed basement and wood burning fireplace (John) SOLD

2  Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home within 30 minutes of the city or the city itself, under $140k (Stephanie) SOLD

Single family home in CBS area with privacy and garage, up to $350k (Stephanie)

Single family fixer upper in CBS, Apprx $200k (Stephanie) SOLD

Single family home, under $300k, attached or detached with modern finishings (Stephanie) SOLD

Single family home in southlands, mount pearl, etc - less than 360k (Stephanie)      SOLD 
Single family home in CBS - paradise - or mount pearl - kid friendly area - under 300k (Stephanie)
Torbay, large lot with lots of garage space, $450 (Andrew)  SOLD
CBS large lot up to $450 (Andrew) SOLD
2-apartment east end, close to amenities and a store/supermarket $350 range (Andrew)
Center city with garage or workship up to $300k (Andrew)
East End 4 Bedrooms, nice lot up to $500k (Andrew) SOLD
East End or Torbay bungalow under $380k (Andrew) SOLD
2-Apartment home in St. John's West/Central under $340k  (Andrew) SOLD
St. John's or Mt. Pearl Under $320k on a greenbelt less than 10 years old (Nevin)   SOLD
Multi-Unit Property in Downtown St. John's up to $500k (Nevin)
Ranch Bungalow on larger than normal lot (non-subdivisio) up to $500k (Nevin)  SOLD
Home on half acre lot or larger in CBS/ST. Phillips/Portugal Cove up to $500k (Nevin) SOLD
2-apartment home near MUN up to $270k (Nevin)
2-apartment home in Kenmount Terrace up to $365k (Nevin)
Parcels of land for residential development (Nevin)
3 bedroom with in-law suite in mount pearl in a family neighborhood under 330k (Mike)
2-3 bedroom starter home in the west end,  Kilbride,  Goulds. Detached or semi detached under 210k (Mike) SOLD
2 apartment, 3 bedroom main,  new or recently renovated in the east end or short driven from MUN/CONA (Mike)
3 - 4 bedroom with off street parking for 2, with a large kitchen. Downtown core or east end. Under 320k (Mike)
Single family close to university, semi-detached, move in ready, up to $285k (Myles)  SOLD
Single family, Portugal Cove to Paradise, 2 Storey with garage up to $450k (Myles)    SOLD
Single family, CBS - Paradise, large lot with garage or space to build, up to $340k (Myles)
2-Apartment in Goulds up to $300k (Myles) SOLD
Executive style 2-apartment or inlaw, Mt. Pearl, oversized lot with garage or space to build, up to $450k (Myles)
2-Apartment near MUN under $300k with no maintenance required (Myles)
Portugal Cove - St. Phillips, single family, private lot, can need work, up to $350k (Myles)
2-apartment home up to $300k in St. John's or surround, private lot with garage or room to build (Chris)  SOLD
Single family with garage in CBS, ocean view, not a split entry, up tp $700k (Chris) SOLD
Golden Triangle area up to $500k with mature lot (Chris) SOLD
Executive Condo downtown up to $800,000 (John)
2-Apartment MUN area for owner occupancy up to $300,000 (John)
Holyrood/Salmonier area - Summerhome up to $300k (John)
Ground level entry bungalow with rear yard access & garage under - Metro Area- $350k (Mike)
Downtown under $150k (Mike) SOLD
Detached home in St. John's up to $180k (Mike)
2-Storey or bungaloe in Brookfield Plains with attached garage under $420k (Mike)
Condo near MUN with 2 bedroom 2 bathroom under $250K (Myles)
Oversized building lot in Portugal Cove under $100k (Myles)
Single family east end/Logy Bay under $250k (Stephanie)
Cool home with a view and lots of windows in Torbay/Logy Bay/Middle Cove up to $750k (Stephanie)
Home with a view, land, and a woodstove in Portugal Cove/Torbay/Logy Bay - Middle Cove up to $350k (Stephanie)
5 Bedrooms (basement is ok) anywhere in East Extern with a large lot up to $350k (Stephanie)
2-apartment anywhere in the city, move in ready under 20 years old, up to $300k (Stephanie)
Modern design, white cabinets, bungalow or 2 Storey. CBS to East End - Under $450K (Mike) SOLD

Fixer Upper on a large lot, CBS - Goulds, Under $200k (Mike)  SOLD

2-Apartment East End or Torbay, under $300k (Mike) SOLD