Chris Samuelson

Hi, I’m Chris and I am a natural negotiator and have years of experience in the real estate market. Known as a go-getter, I bring skills such as quick problem solving to my practice and have a passion for assisting clients with all their various real estate needs. I am also a trusted and well-trained professional who strives to provide you with the best possible outcomes in each of your endeavours. I am available and capable to aid clients in all their real estate needs, such as leasing, buying, or selling, and commercial transactions. I make it my mission to work hard to make sure the journey of each client attaining their next set of keys, is a happy and stress-free experience! Aside from my people skills, I also embrace fresh ideas, transparency, and work hard to ensure that you get the right property for long term gain, putting people over profits. Not only do I help clients achieve their goals, but I am also proficient in educating and guiding clients throughout the real estate process to make informed decisions that are right for their individual needs, to ensure that their transactions will make a lifelong positive impact. I guarantee that my clients leave feeling confident that they have put their best foot forward and that I have delivered the ultimate real estate experience by providing incredible value, exceptional service, and family-like culture.